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What Happens When 2 Bodybuilders Try Going Vegan For A Month?

When people think of bodybuilding diets, the first thing that comes to mind is meat and dairy. But over the last 24 months, we’ve seen a growing desire to be more ethical in our approach to eating, and that includes ditching many protein-heavy foods. So that begs the question? If you’re someone who lifts big and wants to build a physique Arnie would be proud of, can you do it off a plant-based diet? Well Buff Dudes (aka bodybuilders Hudson and Brandon White) thought they’d document their experience of going vegan for a month. And well, the results are smelly to say the least.

The footage begins with Brandon going on a shopping trip where he gives us the low down on some of the food swaps he’ll be making. He explains the nutritional value of certain fruit and veggies and which foods to keep an eye out if you’re looking for carbs and protein. One of the biggest fears that many gym-goers have is that they won’t be able to meet their protein goals on a vegan diet however Brandon explains that foods like broccoli and spinach actually contain as much protein as they do fibre. 

Meanwhile, Hudson puts a greater focus on meal planning to ensure he’s hitting his macros. 

Straight away the brothers notice changes to their body, and one stinks more than the others: they can’t stop farting, even describing their wind like “a chainsaw having hate sex with a machine gun.”

“Every time I fart, my ass commits murder,” Hudson says.

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“When switching from a meat to plant-based diet, this is typical, and as people have told me, it goes away in the first few weeks, but it’s day 15 and I’m right in the thick of it. Literally, the air is fucking thick.”

But flatulence aside, the pair aren’t noticing too many changes to their gym experience, which for them, is a huge positive. 

“I’m pretty happy so far,” says Hudson. “I think having a little bit of additional carbs has really helped me. I feel fuller, very pumped… I feel bigger after every workout, and my strength levels really haven’t decreased which is great.”

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While Brandon admits he’ll return back to regular diet, containing meat and dairy, he now wants to include more plant-based foods in his meals.  

“I can’t say I’m gonna continue on with a plant-only diet,” concludes Brandon.

“This is not against veganism by any means. In fact, it taught me a lot; it taught me to implement more beans and greens into my diet, along with moderating my meats on a daily basis, and also supporting locally grown foods.”

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