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These Tweezers Are By Far the Most Satisfying Way to Remove Blackheads

Every single day it seems like there’s another pimple-popping video popping up on Facebook. 


While some are genuinely amazing and others just downright disgusting, it’s rare to find a video that’s both – until now.

A video has been doing the rounds on social media showcasing a brand new product designed to extract blackheads from your face. The video gets up close and personal (just the way we like it) to someone’s nose, showing how gunk is actually hidden in your pores. Check it out:

What makes these tweezers so awesome is its special design of a curved tip with sharp points. Dr Neal Schultz, a dermatologist from New York, said the tweezers are so effective because they protect your skin from the damage that using your fingers would inflict.

If you’re after a pair for yourself, good news – the tweezers can be purchased on Boxamall for just a few dollars.

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