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Want To Excel At Work? You Might Want To Loosen Your Tie

If you’re reading this with a tie around your neck, while you might look like the boss that you are, loosen it immediately. That’s the advice from scientists from University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, who have made a disturbing finding relating to your office-place neckwear.

According to the study, wearing a tie restricts the circulation of blood to the brain. To reach their conclusion, the scientists studied cerebral and jugular vein blood flow through MRI scans on 30 volunteers. The subjects were separated into two groups, one wearing neckties and the other with their necks free.

In their results, the team explained how blood flow to the brain was restricted by 7.1 per cent, whilst blood flow through the jugular was unaffected.

“The examination resulted in a statistically significant decrease of CBF (cerebral blood flow) after tightening the necktie while the venous flow did not show any significant changes,” say the findings.

The results are a further blow to the tie industry, with an older study from 2003 linking ties to the formation of glaucoma. “Men who wear tight neckties and men with thick necks should be aware that they might cause long-term damage to their optic nerves,” said Robert Ritch, an eye specialist behind the study, when talking to New Scientist. Compressing the blood flood apparently causes a back up of blood behind the eye, raising the blood pressure behind.

“This external cause of raised intraocular pressure could possibly contribute to further damage from glaucoma,” he says.

If ties are in your everyday wardrobe, it may be time to explore some open collar options, or at least loosening them off when at your desk. Better play it safe and undo that top button as well.

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