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These Are The Top 10 Things Women Lie About On Dates

Everyone has secrets: some more embarrassing than others, some far darker.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to someone you like, you’re probably going to bend the truth to keep them interested. 

But chances are you’ll be on the receiving end of a few fibs as well.

So what is your date lying about? BodyLogicMD investigated. After surveying 1320 people, the results were startling. 

The number one thing men and women lied about was the number of sexual partners. Researchers suspect that this might be down to hopeful romantics being ashamed of either being “inexperienced” or too easy.

Confusingly, women lying about their weight ranked second. We’re not entirely sure how weight comes up in a conversation so if it’s your go-to question, please stop. 

In this current climate, it’s no surprise that living situations also ranked highly for both genders, with many young punters forced to live with their parents. 

You can see the full list of lies below:

What people lie about on dates


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