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What Do Women REALLY Think About Men Shaving From The Neck Down?

Q What’s the deal on male shaving? You know, smooth legs, chest and all the rest? BW

GND: Neck: standard.

Chest: passable.

Legs: questionable.

Sure, sporting smooth pecs in the hotter months might work aesthetically, especially for fellas with overly active follicular growth, but remember: there’s a heap of dolls that dig a dense chest rug.

The lowdown on limbs? Unless you’re a professional cyclist, put down the foam and step away from the razor.

When your porcelain-like pins rub up against our stubbly stumps it only highlights the fact we’re too lazy for a once-over with the Gillette.

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Q I came across a Seventies Playboy and was turned on by how hairy the women were – downtown. How do I ask my girl to go wild? AD

GND: Of course you can raise the idea, AD, but the southerly fur your gal chooses to represent comes down to personal preference.

Despite your wish for a shaggy ’do, these fluff fantasies may never eventuate if she doesn’t share your retro sentiments.

But there’s no harm in living in hairy hope. Trends are cyclic, so when we next see a fashion nod to the Seventies (my money’s on embroidered flares), grooming could follow suit with a resurgence of its own.

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