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Women Are Sharing What An Orgasm Really Feels Like

“The only way I can put it is, that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? But in your vagina. When you get an itch in your ear and scratch it with your finger, same with my vagina. When the sex is good and I get close, feels like a rush of everything going to my downstairs area, and when I do finish, it’s wave after wave of my muscles spasming inside and it just feels so good.” – @anonymouuss11

“In the beginning it’s like putting an apple in your mouth, in that it’s large and a bit uncomfortable, but then when the rhythm gets going and the area around the entrance to my vagina starts heating up with pleasure. Then I start to feel it in my pelvis, then my thighs, and I start getting these electric waves of pleasure wash over me again and again. I start moaning, screaming, losing myself in the ecstasy. It feels so incredibly good that I lose track of time and space, and when you orgasm you get these fantastic contractions that just shatter your whole body, like everything contracts in harmony and you just want it to never stop. Like scratching the most satisfying itch over and over again. The best part is after I come down from this sensation, a bit more stimulation just starts it all over again. Sex is just about the best thing in my life.” – @CelestialMistress

“When I’m horny I want dick like my Vj it’s starving. The feeling is like there’s a part of me missing and I MUST find it. When he inserts his penis a warm rush floods my blood. Then the warmth builds with every thrust, like a roller coaster going up the steepest hill. The anticipation builds, I’m sooo excited, I hold my breath, my hearts racing, and then IT happens; The Big DROP!! Imagine your dick is your whole body, so when you ejaculate you feel the pulsing of your ejaculation internally and the semen is pleasure waves being pulsing through your whole body. Then simultaneously there are these little electric shocks of extreme pleasure that jolt you and make your body shutter. And every muscle in your pelvic area contracts rhythmically sending waves of pleasure that are so intense you scream with pleasure.

“You take a minute to recover, your partner gently presses on your mons and you feel a tingling down there…then he pulses his hand a little…And there you go again! Not as full bodied as the first one, but a short intense orgasm (or maybe two) You are exhausted and collapse happy and satisfied.”  @supersarney

“It feels like your body is being invaded, penetrated. It feels like your body is stretching and expanding internally but eventually it just feels pleasureful and the movement inside makes everything feel warm and tingly and you feel it in the belly a bit. It’s really not uncomfortable for some reason either. It’s almost, in my case, slightly embarrassing cause someone is literally INSIDE you, the ultimate invasion of space and privacy but I like it. Idk how else to explain it” – @J-The-Talkative

“The best way I can describe it is feeling like a release after a lot of build up. Normally there’s quite a bit of foreplay so when the penis actually goes inside you it feel like a small release. Then another build up begins as well as feeling an uninterrupted connection to the partner. I always feel closer to my partner and like there’s nothing hidden between us. Cheesy I know but it’s true haha” – @Kitty1339

“To me it feels like static going up my spin from my lower tail bone. The penetration makes my vagina walls pulsate. Until I’m about to orgasm then it grabs hold of him as he tries to push deeper inside so my lower abdominal releases and so does he and as he thrusts some more after orgasm the static goes up again through my spin to my brain.” – @EmpoweredPrincess

“I feel its the most incredibly beautiful feeling there is…I feel sensational smooth energy dancing throughout all of me. The beautiful essence of each harmonious rhythmic pulses.. my existence melts into euphoria. Like experiencing the most pleasurable pulsation, each position creates entirely new waves of sensations.” –@Chezarina

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