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8 Things Guys Think About During Doggy Style

Not long ago, Women’s Health surveyed more than 800 guys about their favourite sex positions. Approximately no one was surprised when a majority of us said that doggy style was our jam.


And it makes sense. I’ve tried it! It’s tremendous. You know it, I know it – everyone knows it.


The one caveat is that doggy style lacks that face-to-face contact that provides insight into what the hell we’re thinking while we’re getting busy back there. But what’s lacking in eye contact is made up with the tremendous view. 


So behold, the 8 most common things that enter our minds while doing the doggy deed:


1. “What a view!”

Butt in my face. What else is there to say?


2. “I really hope I don’t slip out.”

Doggy style is a precarious position. We’re back there thrusting with abandon while only centimeters away from making a grave mistake. While this is definitely fun, it’s also slightly terrifying. If we slip out and keep thrusting, we might hit a cheek and break our junk in half. Or, equally scary, we could accidentally enter the wrong hole. No one wants that kind of a surprise.


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3. “Am I going too fast?”

From this angle, it’s easy to go from slow and sexy to a jackhammer on ‘roids. Seriously, this position escalates quickly. Just give us a heads up if we’re losing our groove. 


4. “I love when she turns to look at me.”

As we’ve established, doggy style is not a position designed for eye contact. But when a woman turns her head back to give us a seductive gaze, a nod of approval, or just to watch, we get extremely excited. It also lets us know that she’s feeling it, too.


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5. “I wonder if she likes her hair pulled?”

Even if you’re not particularly into hair grabbing, it seems like this would be the opportune time to try it. Obviously, we’re going to ask you first, but sometimes we worry a little about your reaction to, “Do you want me to give your hair a yank?” It could go downhill fast.



6. “Is spanking in play here?”

This is another one we always wonder about. To tap that or not to tap that? I can’t say I have any desire to spank a woman mid-doggy, but if you’re into it, don’t be afraid to speak up. Most of us would be happy to (gently) oblige.


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7. “Did she get off or am I just imagining things?”

It’s hard enough for us to tell when we’re face to face. I find myself wondering, “Is that an O-face or does she just smell something weird?” When we’re behind you, all bets are totally off. We’re flying blind out there.


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8. ““This party is over in 3…2…1.”

In my experience, doggy style isn’t the first or only position during a roll in the hay. It’s too intense to kick things off and/or sustain the whole time(unless you’re trying to get down and done in 30 seconds or less). For me, doggy is the grand finale in my position playbook. I like to go out with a bang—or bark. (Not literally, unless you’re into that.)

9. “I can’t wait to do that again!”

After the rush that is the doggy style position, we can’t help but get pumped for the next round—but we’re going to need a breather after all of that action.

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