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6 Guys Reveal What It’s Like To Have A Dry Orgasm

It’s fair to say that for men, the big finale for sex is fairly run of the mill. Much like popping a fizzy bottle of champagne will result in some overflow, having penetrative sex usually ends with ejaculation. But sometimes this isn’t always the case. Dry orgasms are when a man comes without ejaculating and there are a number of reasons why it might occur, ranging from blocked sperm ducts to retrograde ejaculation to nerve damage to overuse. 


If you’re wondering what dry orgasms feel like, you wouldn’t be alone. One Reddit user recently posted the query online asking:

“Does a dry orgasm feel satisfying? The dry orgasm means that the guy can keep going and have multiple dry orgasms — is that satisfying enough, even if there’s no ejaculatory release at the end of the sex session?”

And the answers are enlightening.

1. “It’s the exact same as the real deal, but nothing comes out. In my experience, anyways.”

2. “Tbh having a dry orgasm is like slam dunking a basketball in the nba, but spraining your ankle when you come down.”

Here’s how to tell if you’re masturbating too much…

3. “Happened to me once. Pretty much freaked me out because there was no end result to show for it. Physically it felt good and a little more intense than usual. Saw my doctor about it and he said it was due to stress. Definitely was under a lot of pressure at work and had to take some time off. Ever since I’ve been back to normal.”

4. “Take a day and jack off 10 times, at some point you run out of fluids so you can see for yourself… it not very fun.”

5. “I didn’t experience the specific situation you described but I do know what orgasms without ejaculating feel like. I learned from a book about tantra. Tantra is something from Hinduism and Buddhism and really, really old. It’s more or less more about controlling (sexual) energy and this is a part of it. There is also stuff for women but I don’t know a lot about that. Normal ones with ejaculating feel really good and intense for a short but it goes over quickly. Orgasms without ejaculating are a bit less intense in general but last way longer and I enjoy them more. After one I take a rest and can continue (but not too often) as opposed to the ones with ejaculating.”

6. “Yeah, it’s an orgasm. It’s good still.”

7. “It feels terrible, like I strained my self.”

FYI if you find yourself having dry orgasms, speak to your doctor ASAP to rule out any underlying health issues. 

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