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The Simple Move That Will Become King Of Your Workouts

The farmer carry is no longer only reserved for the strongman it is a movement for everyone to improve whole body strength and capacity. It’s such a simple yet effective exercise-pick heavy shit up carry it for a set distance or timed effort and put it down again.

The farmer carry strengthens your calves, hammys, glutes and lower back while also building a thick solid core, strong shoulders and builds your grip strength exponentially. After all grip strength is king in workouts, the longer you can hang on the more you can work.

   How to perform a farmer carry:
  1.     Grab 2 kettlebells or farmers carry handles about half body weight
  2.     Stand between them with feet under you hips and KBs just in front of your ankles.
  3.     Squeeze your shoulder blades together
  4.     Take a big breath in and brace your core.
  5.     With a firm grip on the handles
  6.     Drive through your heels and stand tall
  7.     Looking straight ahead and take small consistent steps  
    Add the farmers carry as a workout finisher
Try this on for size:
  1.     Every 4mins for 4 rounds
  2.     200m run
  3.     20 air squats
  4.     Max metre farmer carry in the remaining time

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