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Keen For A Little Anal Excitement? Then You Have To Try A Prostate Massager

The LOKI Wave™ 2 will hit the spot, literally.

The prostate is a mysterious, misunderstood organ. A walnut-size gland  found between a man’s bladder and his rectum, the prostate’s main function is to produce fluid that is expelled as part of semen during ejaculation. It’s also your ticket to the so-called “male G-spot”, a source of mind-blowing pleasure, according to those men who have experienced prostate orgasms.

Although many guys are wary of anal stimulation, the male G-spot is increasingly becoming a subject of conversation – and prostate massagers are becoming more mainstream – since (straight) men are finally beginning to recognise how pleasurable it feels to experience a full-body prostate orgasm.

The Benefits of P-Spot Play

If for any reason you’re a bit squeamish about anal play, you might have bigger and more serious problems than I can deal with here. All we can say is you’re missing out. Period. And whether you’re a novice or a bold adventurer, there are plenty of toys on the market to help you explore the concept.

So, what are the benefits of butt fun? Stimulating the prostate during sex, masturbation or anal play augments orgasm, making you cum harder and longer or even pushing you to a dry orgasm. It’s also great for your mental health and can help lower your prostate cancer risk (a 2004 study found that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by roughly 33 percent).

If you’re new to anal pleasure and you don’t see why this matters, imagine a woman having sex but not involving her clitoris, or a man only using half his penis. By not exploring your P-spot, you’re only getting half the story. Step in prostate massagers…

The Best Prostate Sex Toy: The LOKI Wave™ 2

If you’re going to trust anyone when it comes to your foray into prostate play, it’s Swedish intimate lifestyle brand LELO. One of the world’s most popular sex toy producers thanks to their innovative and incredibly-researched gear, they’ve got a host of toys suited for both beginners and experts alike.

Offering the space to indulge in same transcendent pleasure that LELO deliver for women, the LOKI Wave™ 2 is a vibrating prostate massager perfect for solo or couples’ play. Featuring a wide range of powerful vibration settings and an ergonomically fit and waterproof design, LOKI Wave’s sculpted tip surges in a finger-like massage that moves back and forth inside you (thanks to the brand’s WaveMotion™ technology). That, alongside exterior handle that massages the perineum, means you can expect a seriously explosive climax.

The prostate massager also has 12 adjustable pleasure settings so you can find what’s right for you.

How to start

Brand new to butt stuff? Consider the following tips before you get stuck in:

• Clear the runway

There’s an ancient saying that still holds true to this day: Shit happens. But let’s be honest, if you’re heading for the pleasure dome it’s nice if it, well, doesn’t.

Some people are naturally blessed, others may have a routine for preparing. This can mean taking fibre supplements, eating more healthily, trying out silicone suppositories (available from any chemist) or simply familiarising yourself with basic douching. If you’ve never douched, be gentle and start small. You’ll be surprised how good it is to feel clean, and it’ll help you relax when you’re experimenting with anal play alone or with a partner.

• Finding your prostate

Our journey begins in what Julian Clary brilliantly titled his hilarious autobiography, A Young Man’s Passage. Specifically, about five centimetres in. When you’re feeling good and frisky, slide in your LOKI Wave™ 2, slathered in plenty of lube, pointing it towards your belly button, and you should strike gold.

Start slowly and gently and build up the pressure. You need to find a rhythm that’s right for you. Once you’re feeling horny, this will up the ante, and you’ll soon find yourself at the end of the rainbow.

• Relax and lube up

Experimenting with anal play is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. The tissue inside your butt is more sensitive than most, and unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. Short nails, clean hands and plenty – seriously guys, plenty – of lube are your butt-fun basics.

Think relaxing thoughts and get ready to blow like a volcano.

It’s time you ride the intensity and come in spectacular fashion with LOKI Wave™ 2. Shop it here.

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