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What Should You Do With Your Hands While Receiving Oral Sex?

Navigating your way around oral sex etiquette can be tricky, even at the best of times. Whether you’re struggling to find a place to look or not sure where you should be ejaculating, if you don’t get it right, it might be a disaster. But fortunately, one Reddit thread might hold the answer to where you should place your hands. 

After one unsure male felt awkward during his most recent experiences, female readers quickly weighed in. According to the opinion-sharing website, the general consensus is to play with her hair. But that’s not all you can do. 

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“This!! MY SO (significant other) plays gently with my hair and I love that. Then sometimes he grabs a chunk and moves my head faster or deeper if he wants me to change it up. Works amazing!,” wrote one female user. 

“I honestly like it when he holds my hair. I usually have it up in a ponytail but I like it when he holds on to that too. Plus his hands help guide my into how fast he wants me to go, or if he wants me to move my head around a bit. He knows I don’t mind if he forces my head down a little, just not a lot. I am pretty sure a lot of women don’t like that so I don’t suggest doing that without talking first,” adds another user. 

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“He also tends to hold my face right under my chin, like chin neck area. I like that too.” 

While most agreed stroking your hands through her hair was the safest option, some were open to more energetic movements.

“Personally, i like it when he starts all nice caressing my face and running his hands through my hair. Then, when he’s getting really excited, I like it when he grabs me by the hair behind my ears with both hands and pulls me into his cock like my face is his sex toy,” comments another subscriber to the popular forum.

Looking to make things more romantic? Others mention that “hand holding” is a nice gesture. 

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