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Here’s What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life

Have you ever wondered why with some women you have amazing sexual chemistry, but with others everything seems forced?

It could simply be because you’re born in different months. That’s according to Cosmopolitan, who teamed up with astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright to see if there’s a link between the month you’re born in and how you like to get it on.

Take a look at your month and see if what Wright says rings true.


According to Wright, January is one of the kinkiest months to be born. There are people out there which will make you think this isn’t true, but they’re actually right up there with those born in November in terms of wanting to experiment in bed.


Those born in February are free spirits, and aren’t afraid to show a lot of passion. When you connect with someone born in February you’ll have an amazing time, but as they tend to look more at the bigger picture, be prepared to work for it.


March babies love nothing more than spending time in bed – both napping and having sex. Those born in March don’t hold back between the sheets, and often take sex with their partners to new heights, physically and spiritually.

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Sex with April-born people is often hot, passionate and intense. They are very independent so when they truly connect with someone it gets even better. But while they show a lot of emotion at first, they’re also notorious for getting over people quickly.


There’s nothing better for those born in May than making love to their partner in a warm, comfy environment. They enjoy sex for all the beauty that it entails. It’s often tricky to get May-born people to experiment sexually, so we hope that’s fine with you.


If you’re born in June, you’re definitely a wild one. You want good sex and you want it often – and you aren’t ashamed of that. While they love having a good time in the bedroom, they also make great friends outside of it. They’re also skilled in the art of dirty talk.


Those born in July tend to prefer having sex with those they share an emotional connection with, so one night stands are out of the question. But once they feel safe with you and trust you, they’ll do anything and everything to please their partner. 


August babies can be one of two ways – either extremely generous or extremely selfish. They can also give off a certain vibe of arrogance and hate being told what to do in bed. While it’s possible to have a great time in bed, one wrong move and you can hurt their ego.

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If you’re born in September you love having a wild time in bed, but you’re also very in control of your emotions. This means it’ll take a lot of effort for them to let go and have an orgasm. They will never jump straight into sex, but once you share a connection, there’s not much they won’t do.


Those born in October are big on passion and romance within relationships. They enjoy slow, love-filled sex and are very sentimental. While they might have less fire and kink than those born in other months, they make up for it with care and romantic on-the-spot sex.


November-born people are the epitome of hot, passionate sex. Having sex with someone born in November is like having sex with a man possessed. They’ll try everything sexual under the sun not only to check it off their list, but because they legitimately enjoy it.


December babies are the most creative people in bed out of all the months. This means two things: the sex won’t be as passionate, but it’ll be the most fun you’ve ever had, as those born in December are very open to role-play and using sex toys. 

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