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Does Size Matter? What Your Leaf Size Says About Your Plant

Recently become a plant parent? You need to read this.

When it comes to the plant world, unfortunately size does matter. And what the leaf size of your favourite indoor plant says could mean a lot more than you think! 

That’s why we have asked best mates and co-founders of The Plant Runner, Dominic Hooghuis and Duncan Hilder, to produce some insights into what your leaf size says about your plant. 

Shrivelled and brown 

If your plant’s edges are getting a little brown and crispy, you might want to take a peek at your watering routine. A lack of water is the number one reason your plant might develop brown edges, so adjust that watering routine and enjoy lush, new growth. Sadly, once the leaves go brown and crunchy they’re not going to revert back to green. If it really bothers you, feel free to snip off the brown bits and soak up that green goodness that remains! A good drink and maybe some indoor plant food will help secure lush green growth moving forward. Remember to keep a consistent watering routine for your plant fam.

Abnormal looking

Is your foliage looking a little…small? Small leaves can be the result of nutrient deficiencies, not enough light, or just irregular watering. Our best tip is to take a look at your fertilising game and make sure you’re not over or under fertilising. Always use as directed and check your light levels too – plants need natural light to grow, and if they’re not getting enough then they’re not going to hit their full growth potential. 

Alternatively, abnormal leaf growth can mean you might just be giving it a little too much water and TLC. Interestingly, over watering can be one of the top killers of house plants! Ensure you are watering consistently, and not too often – check the top few centimetres of soil to see if it’s dry before watering. Plus, ensure your pot has adequate drainage. 

Sad and drooping to one side

If your plant leaves are looking a little sad, wilting and dropping to the side, it might mean they are looking for a bit of Vitamin D! Move your plant closer to the sunlight and it will gradually become more upright as it takes it all in. We all need some sun rays now and again! But be careful, moving the plant into direct sunlight might be a bit much – indirect sunlight is best. 

Lacking colour 

Is your plant not looking as vibrant in colour as usual? Yellow foliage can mean multiple things so take a minute to see which one applies best for you. When the foliage is turning yellow all over it might be a case of too much light. If this is the case, give it a shuffle and shift your plant back a bit so it’s not sitting in such a bright space. Maybe it’s yellowing on the edges? Yellowing edges might also mean it is low in nutrients. Bring in a quality liquid fertiliser and this shouldn’t be an issue any longer! 

Your leaves are… disappearing? 

If your plants are heading down hill (lack of water, nutrients, too much light, too little etc.), they won’t be producing any more new growth! So, if your plant is looking a little empty or on the skimpy side, make sure you are watering regularly and giving it the TLC it deserves. If the leaves are dropping, this can also be an overwatering/underwatering issue, so give that potting mix a touch and figure out what you need to adjust.

If you are still wondering what your leaf size says about your plant, slide into Dom and Dunc’s DMs at @plantrunnertruck. They’re always open for a chat!

Size does matter when it comes to your plants, but the team at The Plant Runner know what to do with it!

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