What's In Pat Cummins' Gym Bag?

What’s in Pat Cummins’ gym bag?

The Australian cricket captain’s gym bag is filled with an eclectic mix of essential training gear and vital nutritional supplements, enabling him to get through a long day in the field... as well as the odd surprise.

EACH DAY OF a Test match, Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins arrives at the ground with his gym bag packed with items that will help him get through an arduous day on the field.

Cricket, if you hadn’t noticed, is a long sport. A Test match lasts for five days and each day is six hours long. That’s a long time to be on your feet, performing at the highest level. If you’re a fast bowler, like Cummins, then your workload is even greater. Some estimates put a cricketer’s energy output at up to 1400kJ an hour, a figure that would be far higher if you’re knocking out energy-sapping 10-over spells on a baking hot day at the Gabba, for example.

As you would expect, then, Cummins’ gym bag is filled with a mix of training gear and nutritional supplements designed to ensure he performs at his best on the field. Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

What’s in Cummins’ gym bag?


1 New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4 runners

The FuelCell SC Elite v4 is a race day shoe offering unparalleled levels of propulsion, thanks to the unique FuelCell midsole made with PEBA. That’s combined with a thinner carbon fibre plate, offering superior energy return in a lightweight package, as well as great stability, Cummins says. “I do a lot of running in them, but they’re quite wide, they’re stable, they’re super light,” he says. In the gym, meanwhile, Cummins likes the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v13.



2 Apple Airpods Pro

“These are great for when we’re doing a team session, so I don’t have to listen to any of my teammates,” jokes Cummins. “I always listen to podcasts, sometimes audio books, rarely music, unless I’m going for a run. I just like zoning out and being in my own little world.”



3 Protein shake

“Normally I have WPI with a bit of water, maybe a bit of milk,” says Cummins. “Every time we walk off the field, whether it’s a lunch break, tea break and then after play’s over, we have a shake. Sometimes you might add a bit of banana. Our S&C guy looks after us with a bit of peanut butter. Especially on bowling days, you want to get heaps of protein down.”


4 Water bottle

“This is a big one. I’ve got about five of these, that I just carry around the house or the gym or wherever we go to keep water cool during the day’s play. Especially if it’s hot, we’ll just basically drink water non-stop. We’ll go through at least half a dozen maybe 10 [bottles]. But even more importantly, the day before I’ll make sure I’m carrying this on me and drinking throughout the day.”


5 Carrera 302/S Sunglasses

You can’t go past a classic pair of Carreras for post-practice chilling. Instantly identifiable thanks to the iconic rectangular shape and double nose bridge, the fin temples, which come in a multi-layer version and the metal details add interest to the front. Different colour combinations and lens options include gradient, mirrored, polarised or Ultrapolar technology, for clear, pin-sharp sharp vision. “The gym I go to has a nice outdoor seating area so a lot of the time I’ll grab a coffee afterwards and pull the sunnies on,” says Cummins.



6 Kombucha

“I love kombucha. I basically have one in the morning, maybe one around lunchtime. I’ve always got these hanging around. My favourite flavour is apple pear, ginger. Super refreshing, no sugar. You’ll always see me with one of these in my hand.”


7 Albie’s toy tiger

“My two-year-old, Albie, loves playing with animals all day, so sometimes I ask if I can take one to work with me. He’s always playing with his animals. He lines them all up, makes their noises. The tiger’s one of his favourites because he can go ‘Grrr’. I just asked for this on the way out today.”

8 Budgy Smugglers

“The last thing from my gym bag that I’m missing today is a pair of budgy smugglers. I’ve got pairs hanging around everywhere because we’re always doing ice baths after sessions at the gym. But mine are hanging on the washing line this morning.”


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