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What’s The Best Way To React If You Premature Ejaculate?

Our biggest fear with any partner we’re trying to impress is that we might pop the champagne bottle a bit too soon. And while there are countless solutions out there to stop you from premature ejaculating, sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Fortunately, Reddit has come to the rescue, providing the answers you need next time you’re stuck in that sticky situation. 

According to a recent thread on the popular opinion-sharing website, the first thing you should do is act like premature ejaculation isn’t a big deal. Most users agreed that you need to take the opportunity to compliment her on how great she was before focusing on returning the favour. 

Redditers even offered their own suggestions for what to say.

“Holy f*ck, you got me so good! Your turn,” writes @txkink22 while @throwaway72199 suggests,”Aw fuck. That wasn’t supposed to happen. But hey! That’s Just how good this shit is. Give me a sec” then go down on her until you’re hard enough to go again.” 

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“Wow…you really got me excited! I’d like to use my mouth and tongue to get you off and return the favour…is that okay?” Adds another contributor, perhaps to be more chivalrous.

One female subscriber to the website had a much more compassionate response: “As a woman i’m always super proud of myself when i make my husband cum really fast, it makes me feel like I have a super vag. 

“That being said, we have an understanding that sometimes we have sex because one of us needs to cum and sometimes we have sex for both of us to cum, so I guess it depends on intent – are you trying to get her off, is she trying to get you off, or is it mutual? If it’s mutual, the best thing you can do is give her an orgasm.”

“Anyone who makes fun of you for finishing too soon isn’t the type of person who needs to be invited back to your bedroom,” she continues. 

The takeaways from the thread was to not dwell on the situation and instead just look to make sure she’s equally satisfied by the end of the night. “Go down on her and make her cum,” @itsjustmeandthedog says bluntly. 

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