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Why Do Girls Really Go to The Bathroom Together?

We ask the office girls.

Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers. Today we ask: Why do girls go to the bathroom together? What are you really discussing in there? It’s us, isn’t it? 

Becky: Yes, QP, it’s absolutely you. But don’t panic: if you’d really stuffed up somehow,
we’d have already left – quite possibly out the bathroom window. 

Nikolina: Well, I guess it depends on the scenario. Are you on a first date as part of a group or have you just met at a nightclub? I’m not sure your ears should be burning if she’s known you for 10 minutes.

Jess: That said, the bathroom break is always a necessary debrief between trusted friends.

Becky: Exactly! And what we say in there is a secret we’ll never tell.

Nikolina: It’s okay, QP. Sometimes we’re just swapping cosmetics. Freshening up.

Becky: You’ll know if there’s an issue when we get back. You’ll find things will wind up fast if we think this is a date from hell.

Jess: Which it may not be. We may be talking about how well it’s going and sorting out a cue for our friends to leave so we can have some alone time with you.

Nikilona: So, sorry, QP, but it’s impossible to be definitive about this. It could be a good sign, or
it could be a bad one. If you’re perceptive, you won’t need to be a mind-reader.

Jess: Hmmm, the cue. GET ME OUTTA HERE!

Becky: Haha, exactly. 

Nikolina: If we come back from a bathroom break and suddenly have a sick cat at home, you’ll know the score.

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