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Why Everyone’s Talking About Adaptogens – and Why You Need Them in Your Life

These herbal medicines hold an ancient secret to improving both body and mind - naturally.

Renowned as nature’s superheroes, adaptogens will help you thrive – not just survive – life’s ups and downs, in and out of the gym. 

These plant-based miracle workers are a group of herbs that support your body’s natural ability to deal with stress – both physical and mental. And while you may not know them by name, these herbal pharmaceuticals – including Holy Basil, Siberian Pine,  Ashwagandha and Schisandra Berry – have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, and most notably by Russians and Vikings for their extreme energy-enhancing abilities.   

What they do:  

Each adaptogen has a slightly different function, but overall these herbs work to:  

1. soothe long-term sources of stress and hormonal imbalances by increasing your resistance to stress, easing anxiety and depression  

2.  improve your attention span and enhance mental performance,  

3.  increase endurance and fight fatigue by maintaining energy levels – no more afternoon slumps!

4. boost the immune system and sexual health. The more our bodies cope with stress, the less likely we are to get sick 

5.  decrease the chance of weight gain by reducing the stress hormone cortisol  linked to belly fat.

Designed by a team of scientists and nutritionists, the Aussie owned and made 100% natural Doctor V range harnesses these unique benefits of adaptogenic herbs in four dynamic drinks – with only half the caffeine and sugar content found in other energy drinks:    

  1. Fitness fanatics: need Siberian Rush with adaptogen herbs and high-performance berries to give sustainable, adrenaline style energy without a later, unwanted crash. Rich in the nutrient-dense Wild Sea Buckthorn plant, traditionally used in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia to boost short-term and long-term energy.
  2. Big time thinkers: need Brain Storm that utilises the Eastern European adaptogen herb Schisandra, known for reducing stress levels and unwanted fatigue while giving a high-performance cerebral boost. The deep red berry is also renowned for its ability to maintain and stabilise mental and physical strength while supporting long-term health. It’s combined with the antioxidant and Vit C rich Rowanberry juice, known for its immune-boosting capabilities.   
  3. Party peeps: need Bender Mender created specifically to speed up the recovery from a blistering hangover – step away from the fried food, people! This will get you back on your feet, performing at your optimum, in a minimum of time or fuss. It aids hydration and includes nutrient-dense, slightly bitter berries, including the juniper berry used in traditional eastern medicine to protect the liver and kidneys, plus help settle upset stomachs. Down this restorative drink pre and post-Big Night Out.
  4. Wellness warriors: need Karma Karma for a more balanced, positive outlook on life and gentle energy boost. As well as utilising anti-stress adaptogenic herbs and pine needle extract, a key ingredient is a Mexican-based plant Damiana, traditionally used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, and to boost and maintain (between-the-sheets) mental and physical stamina.   

If you let adaptogens do for your adrenal glands what exercise does for your muscles, you’ll start training your body to better handle what life throws at you. When we adapt to stress we feel better and perform better.  Doctor V drinks are available at ​​https://doctorv.com.au/  Use #menshealth for 15% off online.

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