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Is It Time For You To Literally Eat Shit?

Schoolyard bullying 101: ‘Eat Shit!’

Turns out they might be onto something. 

One Canadian study has found there could be health benefits of eating faecies and it may well be the future of medicine. 

According to the research, scientists discovered that eating what comes out of your rear end could be pivotal in the treatment of colonic bacterial infections. The medical term is fecal microbiota transplantations – the process of delivering warm poo inside of you through a tubing device. However now scientists have devised a much more convenient treatment – pill form.

The outcome? To help repair your bowel movements. 

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Luckily for patients it wasn’t as filthy as it sounds – but you’d still prefer to not know what was going inside of you.

Gathering a pool of 116 patients who suffer from continuous poor gut health, researchers condensed frozen poo into a pill before administrating the new ‘medication’. 

Just 12 weeks later, the pill was seen as equally effective as the  tube-style procedure, cheaper, quicker and surprisingly, “a more pleasant treatment than a colonoscopy-based fecal transplant.”

Concerned about your gut health? This is what your poo says about your health.

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