Wife of the Year Squeezes Husband's Enormous Pimple | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Wife of the Year Squeezes Husband’s Enormous Pimple | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

Get yourself a wife who loves you unconditionally, shares your hopes and dreams, and who’ll put herself in the firing line to squeeze your giant pimples.


In the video below, you’ll see that’s exactly what this heroic woman did. Khristina Powell, 28, was appointed the task of squeezing a giant zit on her husband’s left cheek. 

But this was no normal pimple – Wade, 28, had left the infected spot untreated for 4 years before finally taking matters into his own hands. 

Don’t watch this while you’re eating.

That’s probably the closest a pimple can get before it’s considered an active volcano. Wade can be seen wincing in pain, groaning as the cheese-like substance rockets out of his cheek.

British Skin Foundation spokesperson Lisa Bickerstaffe told the Daily Mail“It’s always worth seeking help from a doctor or dermatologist when dealing with spots like this to avoid scarring and possible infection.”

Only last week we reported on a woman who popped her entire forehead, and who can forget the man with a growth the size of a baseball on his neck. 

These videos just keep coming and coming – and every single time (for some messed up reason), we’re compelled to watch them. 

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