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What You Should Be Saying During Sex, According To 5000 Women

What do you usually say during sex? Stay quiet and get on it with? Compliment her? Risk it with something you’ve heard in a porno? Well luckily we finally have the answer.

A new study conducted by Forktip found that you better be saying something, and the top answer was asking her to ‘call you daddy.’

The online jeweller surveyed 5000 women, and while some answers may seem like they’re not for everyone, the general consensus was to get dirty. Second to dropping the daddy line was commenting on how tight she is followed by how much you’re enjoying her company.

Previously, Emily Morse, author or Hot Sex, had her own suggestions, that will be sure to please all your partners. 

If you want to make sure you’re not crossing the line, try these 3 lines:

“That Feels Amazing”

“I Want To Do What You Like”

“I Love Watching You Get off”

If she’s the more submissive type of girl and has some hidden dominatrix kinks, only if you’re confident she’s comfortable can you start to use rough language – some women are into degrading language but it’s important to always be respectful of their boundaries. 

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