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Q: I know checks and prints are big this season – how can I wear the trend day-to-day?

A: “Available in varying sizes and patterns, checks are becoming pretty ubiquitous. A general rule of thumb is that the bigger the check, the smaller you’ll look. This is true with other patterns, but checks are undoubtedly the most versatile. Pair a checked suit with block colours for maximum impact.”

Jared Acquaro, blogger at A Poor Man’s Millions


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Q: Apparently skivvies are back – can I really get away with one?

A: “Skivvies are great in the colder months, as having that extra fabric on your neck really keeps you warm. The important thing to remember is to buy natural fibres like cotton or merino wool – it helps to have something that breaths. Easily a wardrobe staple, skivvies have a James Bond elegance and can replace a shirt under a suit or be worn under a coat.”

Jolyon Mason, stylist


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Q: During colder months, I live in a beanie. How can I avoid the dreaded hat hair?

A: “With hat hair, texture is your best friend. Before leaving the house, I recommend using a great texturising powder, as this will add grit to your hair and help hold any shape. When you take off your beanie, a quick run through with your fingers will reinvigorate the powder and it’s holding power will keep your hair style intact.” 

Aiden Xydis, head barber, The Men’s Grooming Room, Sydney

Q: Pea coat, parka or bomber – if I only buy one coat this season, what should it be?

A: “Definitely a pea coat. An all-time classic, peacoats go with everything and easily work for both the office and for casual weekend wear. As they never go out of style, investing in a good-quality pea coat delivers a great cost per wear, as you can wear it year on year.”

Matt Jensen, founder, M.J. Bale

Q: When it comes to sweaters, should I go V-neck or crew neck?

A: “I personally prefer crew. Young, versatile, modern and timeless – a crew neck can be worn alone or under a jacket or coat. They also work really well with the slew of prints and checks that are everywhere this season. V-necks are still perfectly acceptable – the only challenge is that they can look look a bit dad-like if not styled correctly.”

Dom Bagnato, director, Dom Bagnato

Q: I’m on the hunt for a quality scarf that will last me years – what to get and how to wear it?

A: “I’d recommend a wool or wool-blend scarf for both longevity and warmth. Wearing a scarf open looks stylish, but isn’t always practical. For a clean, put-together look, wrapping the scarf with a knot is a functional solution. Simply fold the scarf in half length-wise and wrap it around your neck, pulling the loose ends through the loop created by the fold.”

Chris Wilson, general manager of menswear, Myer

Q: How many layers is too many?

A: “I operate a rule of no more than three layers, but – providing everything you’re throwing on works well together – there’s never too many. Adding layers for the sake of it will just make you look too heavy.

Consider what you’re layering – and why – and avoid mixing too many different patterns together. Instead, aim for a selection of garments that complement one another and offer depth to your outfit. For example, a clean denim shirt looks great worn over a basic tee and finished off with a bomber jacket, or you can use that same denim shirt and wear it under a textured knit worn with your winter coat.”

Nadia Jones, creative director, Marcs

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