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Zac Efron Is Rocking A New Style, But It’s Probably Not A Great Idea

Zac Efron has a new look, and as fans of his overall approach to life, we’re going to assume it’s for a movie role. Or hope. 

Either way, the 30 year-old actor has taken a break from his training, and headed to the mountains for a fishing trip with his younger brother, sharing snippets of his adventures on social media. However before departing on the trip, Zac shared a snap of himself rocking a head full of dreadlocks.

Debuting his new look with the caption “Just for fun”, Efron has caused quite the stir online, with people of the internet accusing the Baywatch star of cultural appropriation. 

“Cultural appropriation is about the power dynamic,” said writer and activist Feminsta Jones to CNN, touching on the topic of dreadlocks. “When people with power and privilege decide to ‘validate’ customs and traditions that oppressed people have long been marginalized for by saying ‘This is the hot new thing,’ then we have serious problems. Or when they refuse to credit the people who innovated those styles or traditions, but claim them as original ideas, then we get into appropriation.”

Cultural debates aside, the style isn’t a favourable choice among the fairer sex either. A poll of 300 women by website Dreadlock Styles revealed that only 14.5 per cent of women would date a man with dreadlocks. The women were asked the question ‘are you attracted to men with dreadlocks?’ with the results showing that 56 per cent flat out aren’t. A further 26 per cent could be swayed according to the style of dreadlocks, but weren’t convinced yet. 

We’re willing to bet the change won’t affect Efron’s game too much, but perhaps his lack of sensitivity will. In any case, we might pass on Zac’s style advice, and stick to his knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

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