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12 Push-Up Variations That Will Transform Your Torso

The push-up needs no introduction—it is one of the greatest exercises there is. Not only does it strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders, it also trains your core and builds conditioning (with no equipment necessary). You can drop and give 20 anywhere anytime.

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But push-ups are equally as versatile as they are popular, as BJ Gaddour demonstrates with these 12 variations in the video above.

You can do them with your hands elevated to decrease their difficulty, or you can do them with your legs elevated to increase their difficulty—the weight will shift from your legs to your arms and shoulders.

If you’re looking for even more of a challenge, try the pike push-up or the archer push-up, which simulates doing the exercise with just one arm. Or strengthen your core with the T-push-up or the close-grip push-up, keeping your abs tight with each rep. 

Add at least one of these 12 push-up variations to your workouts each week. You’ll have a ripped torso in no time

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