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19 Perfect Chrissy Teigen Tweets About Sex & Relationships

Chrissy Teigen has built a massive Twitter following thanks, in part, to her delightfully unfiltered musings — from the time she realized doggy-style sex was a little more revealing than she thought to the time she made fun of herself for having a sex dream about her husband.

Here are 19 times the model and cookbook author was refreshingly — and hilariously — honest about sex, relationships, and her marriage to Grammy-winning singer John Legend… because we could learn a lesson or two from CT.

1. When she discovered the secret to a successful marriage

2. When she analyzed her sex dream about her husband

3. When she punished John Legend for making her watch sports

4. When she took over a friend’s dating app

5. When she gave John Legend “crabs” at Red Lobster

6. When she admitted that marriage has made her more relaxed about her grooming routine

7. When she forgot she was married to John Legend

8. When she cried watching a reality TV show wedding — and not at her own

9. When she expressed her sympathies for men whose partners plan themed weddings

10. When she invited former president Barack Obama to her wedding

11. When she gained a LOT of confidence after a few glasses of wine

12. When she didn’t need the real-life version of her husband anymore

13. When she just really, really, really hated John’s footwear, okay?

14. When John’s vocal warmups became too much to bear

15. When John’s vocal rest made her panic about the state of her relationship

16. When she remembered what she said to her husband on the night they met

17. When she made a shocking discovery about sex

18. When she gave advice on getting verified on Twitter

19. When she revealed how her husband forces her to bathe

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