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2 Moves to Make Your Valentine’s Day Sex Hotter Than Ever

Women know it, and so do we (even though we don’t like to admit it): men think with their penises. Now there’s proof. Scientists have revealed that men have a higher “sexual concordance” than our female counterparts.

“What does that mean?” we hear you ask. Simply put, it means your penis and your brain stem are operating on similar wavelengths, while females could be totally different.

But once again, science is here to save the day: new research provides insight into what really gets her going down there.

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A study out of Queen’s University got 31 young women to watch a video of 18 minutes of foreplay, then immediately after watch an 18-minute video of heterosexual sex. During the viewings, scientists used a series of testing to measure blood flow to their vulvas and vaginal walls. They were then asked to rank their horniest on a scale of 1 to 10 – one being dry as a desert, 10 being “TAKE ME NOW.”

The results are where the juicy tips lay. The study found that there is a higher concordance between vulva stimulation and her arousal levels than there is between vaginal stimulation and her arousal levels. What does that mean? She’s more likely to get off if you focus your attention on her vulva, instead of how hard you’re thrusting.

Secondly, there was no difference in concordance in woman who watched foreplay compared to those watching sex. This means that foreplay is just as – if not more – important as intercourse. So don’t pick and choose: pay attention to EVERY part of her body and genitals, and really give her a Valentine’s Day to remember.

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