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Australia’s Finest Mullet For 2020 Has Just Been Crowned

In 2019, the iconic mullet made a much-welcomed return to the streets of Australia. So it was only fitting to kick off this decade by tracking down the finest set of locks in the country. 

The NT News, which is famous for it’s controversial and conversation-starting headlines, did the hard work for us, running a nation-wide competition to find the best mullet from down under.

The winner? Diesel Mechanic Ash Garden from Humpty Doo ( yup, that’s the actual name of the town) who received 15.4 per cent of the votes.  

But Gardner admits he had a slight advantage due to his job.

“Being a diesel fitter (my hair) loves getting bathed in oil and grease,” he told NT News.

“When I’m not at work it spends most of its time oily.” 

He also explains that instead of being inspired by the stars of the ’80s, it was really a cost-cutting measure. 

“It mainly started because I cut my own hair and couldn’t reach the back.”

While most hairstyles are just a phase, the mullet might just stick around for some time yet.

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