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3 Shakes That Help You Build Mass All Day

When it comes to shifting heavy metal in the gym, size matters.


Whether it’s the plates you’re stacking on the barbell or the nascent pecs you’re proudly sculpting; bigger equals bragging rights. But while finding an hour to hit the gym is easy, fuelling your gains with the correct nutrition is a 24/7 commitment.


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With no time to cook slap-up steak for every meal, the reality is a battle to work enough nutrients into your diet around a busy schedule – which is where these shakes come in.


Online personal trainer Scott Baptie has prepared three quick-to-make and perfectly balanced smoothies – each one targeting a critical time of day to any bulking phase – for you to try. With a healthy blend of supplements and natural ingredients, these mass-builders are all you need to pack on pounds in all the right places. We’ll drink to that.


Super-quick breakfast filler

In a blender, blitz the following:


200g low fat Greek yoghurt
300ml water
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 handful of raw spinach
100g strawberries
2 or 3 ice cubes


Protein at breakfast is a winner if you want to minimize hunger throughout the day. Add a dollop of Greek or natural yoghurt for a protein hit and chuck in fruit for some much-needed vitamins. Don’t be afraid of the spinach, once it’s been blended you won’t know it’s there and it’s a great source of dietary fibre.

KCAL: 367 | PRO: 19g | CHO: 19g | FAT: 19g


Pre-workout energy-booster

In a blender, blitz the following:


1 banana
500ml milk
150mg caffeine
3g beta alanine


The milk’s protein will help minimise muscle damage during a tough session, while the carbohydrates in the banana will stock energy levels and fuel extra reps. Caffeine and beta-alanine are proven to boost training intensity when you’re struggling for motivation.


KCAL: 246 | PRO: 24g | CHO: 33g | FAT: 2g


Post-workout mass builder

In a blender, blitz the following:


100g frozen berries
100g raw oats
1 scoop of whey protein
3g creatine monohydrate
400ml water


After a workout it’s important to refuel and to kick-off the mass-building process, known as protein synthesis. Don’t forget to add Creatine to the mix; it’s a gold-standard supplement that helps increase both muscle size and strength.

KCAL: 533 | PRO: 34g | CHO: 79g | FAT: 9g

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