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3 Things All Women Notice The First Time They Sleep Over

A new UrbanYou survey has revealed the three things women are most likely to scope when they first stay over.

Don’t let one of these sabotage your evening.

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1/ Filthy Sheets

Doesn’t matter whether it’s your wife of 10 years or a new flame – women can’t stand the sight of sheets that look like they’ve been on a bed since the Howard era.

In fact, 77 per cent say it’s a deal-breaker. In the case of a new love interest, she’d be less turned off if she found out you were married.

Your Move: Weekly sheet change. No excuses. 

2/ Dirty Dishes

These could wreck your carnal plans, as well, with 65 per cent saying unwashed plates from breakfast time (or earlier) extinguish her fire. And don’t figure she’s too young to care about that sort of thing: the turn-off factor was high among 18-24 year olds than women in their 30s and 40s.

Your Move: At least hide them somewhere. Not under your bed.

3/ Smelly Home

Matters little if it’s your dog’s fault, the lingering aroma of last night’s tikka masala or those gym socks that got lost under the couch – an unpleasant-smelling home will stop more than 70 per cent of women from going all the way. They’d rather see a cockroach on your kitchen floor.

Your Move: On your stove, simmer a cup of white vinegar for one hour. It’ll scorch musty odours.

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