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3 Weird Diet Saboteurs

You Pay With A Credit Card

Paying with plastic makes you more prone to impulsive purchases, according to Cornell University, filling your shopping basket with 42 per cent more junk.



Head to an ATM. Handing over cold, hard cash will make you think twice about that Snickers multi-pack.


You Order At The Counter

Umming and ahhing at the counter can lead to sensory overload, with the myriad sights and smells leading to poor choices.



A recent study in the journal Appetite found that people who pre-ordered lunch online selected meals with 480 fewer kilojoules on average.


You Multitask Too Often

Copping it at work? Emory University found juggling jobs wears out your self-control – avoiding that afternoon muffin can become one task too many.



Set deadlines and reward yourself when you hit them (“No coffee until I finish this report”). Track wasted time at rescuetime.com.


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