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This Is How Many Women Want To Date A Younger Man

Stacey’s mum has got it going on. And Fountains of Wayne certainly aren’t the only one to think that. But how do women feel about going out with someone young enough to be their son?


According to research produced by Zoosk, 31 per cent of women would like to date someone younger – a lot more than we expected. Meanwhile, 9 per cent of all singles – both men and women – were interested in someone 10 years or older. 

Other results proved interesting too: 56 per cent of women wanted a man one to four years older than them while 30 per cent wanted the age gap to be five to nine years. Surprisingly 14 per cent wanted someone 10 years older than them. 

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The remaining 13 per cent needed someone their own age (give or take a few months).

When it comes to the fellas, 27 per cent of younger men are attracted to older women. However, the entire group would only go up to four years older, unlike their female counterparts. 

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