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4 Classic Signs You Like To Be Dominated In the Bedroom

01 Her on top rocks

You love the view and she loves the depth. Now spice it up by encouraging her to get aggressive. Get her to lean forward and cling to your chest – digging her talons in if you can take it. It’ll give her the leverage she needs to get a more dynamic pumping action going, while you lie back and let yourself be well and truly ridden.

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02 You’re an oral aficionado

If you’re already a pussy-worshipping pleasure machine, take your devotion to the next level by swapping going down for going up. Her on her knees with you licking her from behind allows her to grind back on to your mouth for extra stimulation. But for true pussy power, nothing beats thighs either side of your head, while you tongue up.

03 You love to wait

If you take yourself to the edge without allowing yourself to come, you’re already practising orgasm denial. Next step: give her the power to decide when you climax. Do this by setting a verbal command, or better still, by getting her to loop her thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis. When she wants you to slow down or pull out, she simply clamps tighter.

04 She gets mad, you get turned on

When she smirks and makes a sarcastic remark about the state of your laundry skills, you can’t help but get a little excited – especially when she’s wearing a tight skirt and skyscraper heels. Bring it into the bedroom by getting her to berate you while you’re having sex. The harder you get as she scolds, the more satisfied she’ll be with your apology.

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