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4 Ways Tweaking Your Diet Can Help You Bulk Up

If you want to bulk up, you can’t rely on just hitting the gym. What you put into your body plays an extremely important part, too. From the sources of nutrients you choose to the amount of protein you consume, here are four tips from Carolyn Brown, R.D., nutritionist at Foodtrainers, to help you build muscle, so you can look good and feel good.

1. All Calories Are Not Created Equal

“You can’t bulk up on a crappy diet,” Brown says. “What you’re eating is going to play a huge roll in gaining muscle mass.”

2. Calculate Your Nutrient Needs

“If you’re wondering how much protein you need, the most I suggest is 1g per pound of your target body weight. Your body can only absorb 25 to 35g per meal, so this is where supplementation may come in.”

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3. Incorporate Whey Protein Into Your Diet

“You want to optimize this pre- or post-workout snack,” Brown says. (We like this organic whey from the Men’s Health store that you can add to anything to balance your meals out.)

“Recover with a whey protein shake or smoothie, or a real fish, chicken, egg, or meat meal within the hour.”

4. It’s Not Just About Protein

“Vegetables and good fats are going to be your secret weapons, too,” she says. “Try to add them in at every meal so you not only look great, but you feel great, too.”

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