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5 Best Sex Positions For The Car

Whether you’re struggling for privacy at home or you’re just after something different, a steamy romp in the car is a veritable rite of passage.

Yes, you could stick to good ol’ missionary across the back seat – or you could turn things up a notch and go for one of these more, um, dramatic positions…

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a.k.a. Head Rush

Benefits: The blood will rush to your other head, too.

Warning: you’ll want a car with a lot of leg-room for this option. Move to the edge of the passenger seat and lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor as she straddles you. The blood will rush to your head creating mind-blowing sensations upon orgasm.

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a.k.a. The Love Seat, The Man Chair

Benefits: Good G-spot stimulation.

Here’s a more demure option. Sit on the passenger seat with your feet on the floor. She turns away and backs up onto you, sitting between your legs. She can ride back and forth by pushing off the dashboard or pressing up with her feet. She can control the angle of entry by arching her back and pressing her buttocks into your groin. While doggy-style is about your dominance, The Hot Seat puts her in the driver’s seat. And that makes it one of the best sex positions for both of you.


a.k.a. The Lap Dance

Benefits: Allows for face-to-face intimacy; cozy for long sessions.

Sit on the passenger seat. She then faces you, wraps her arms around your back, climbs on top, and sits on your lap. Once in the saddle, she can can ride up and down on your penis by pressing with her legs or knees. Want to go faster? Assist by grabbing her buttocks and lifting and bouncing.


a.k.a. Lazy Girl

Benefits: The ultimate sex position for oral on the go, use this to get her in the mood and help her cut loose

Burrow into the leg-room area beneath the passenger seat, then get her to assume the position. You take it from there. This is a good sex position for either beginning the slow build-up with loose, broad, strokes, or ending with strong suction. Your partner is able to easily guide you, and she’s able to get a full view of you between her legs, which is a turn-on for many women.


a.k.a. The Anvil

Benefits: Allows deep penetration and targeting the G-spot

You’ll need a bit of head-room here. She lies on her back across the back seat. You kneel between her legs and raise them, resting her calves over your shoulders. Rock her in a side-to-side and up-and-down motion to bring the head and shaft of your penis in direct contact with the front wall of her vagina. Because this angle allows for deep penetration, thrust slowly at first avoid causing her discomfort.

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