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5 Grooming Essentials to Avoid a Dating Disaster

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How many times have you been in your bathroom getting ready for a date when you realise you’re missing something?

No razor? Looks like you’re going on your date looking scruffy. No cologne? Don’t get too close to her once you start sweating.

The bare bones of your grooming routine should comprise of these 5 things, so check the list and ensure that you’ve got everything you need to look your best.


A razor should be the staple of every man’s bathroom. And no, we’re not talking about that rusty one-blade razor that’s been sitting at the bottom of the drawer for God knows how long. If you can’t remember the last time you bought new blades, it’s time to hit the shops.

Men’s Health recommends the new Gillette Fusion ProShield. The Fusion ProShield features Gillette’s sharpest, finest blades for incredible comfort and closeness, while protecting the surface of your skin via lubrication strips before and after the blades to help combat irritation during the shave.

Did you know most Men make about 170 strokes every time they shave and 120 of them are re-strokes, which is a major cause of irritation from shaving?

If there’s anything you definitely shouldn’t skimp on, it’s your razor. You wouldn’t shave your beard/neck with an old, blunt kitchen knife, so why would you settle for an old, blunt razor? Get bang for your buck and make the Gillette Fusion ProShield your weapon of choice – it will leave you smooth and sexy.

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You’d think owning a good quality cologne would be a given, but with the amount of smelly people we encounter in everyday life, it clearly isn’t. So let us spell it out for you.

Regardless of how handsome, muscular and charming you are – all of the other positive attributes go out the window if you smell like a sweaty mess.

We recommend Old Spice’s Classic Cologne. Its signature scent will make you stand out in a crowd and enhance every other aspect of your attractiveness.


If you have shortish, manageable hair, then you need to invest in some hair wax. When you have damp hair fresh out of the shower, a small scoop of wax rubbed evenly throughout your hair will give you the neat, rugged, stylish look all men are after.

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If you’ve ever weighed the merits of moisturising your skin, wear a pair of leather shoes for a few months without conditioning them and see what happens. Over time, cracks, deep crevices, and a general wear will age even that tough and tanned cowhide. Your much less resilient skin needs regular protection and care to keep it looking fresh.


A good body wash is the first step to smelling good. If you don’t wash yourself properly in the shower and rely solely on deodorant to mask your body odour, you’re going to have a bad time.

Invest in a scented body wash and a loofer and make sure you scrub every inch of your body. By the time you meet your date, your body will be free of sweat and dirt which will let your cologne do the talking.

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