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These 5 Hot Sex Positions Are Perfect For When She Wants It Rough

Just like slow, passionate lovemaking where you admire every inch of your partner’s body, there’s also a time and place for rough, mind-blowing sex.

But you don’t have to purchase chains or whips and get all 50 Shades to ensure an incredible romp – all you need to do is tweak common sex positions to your advantage. 

Dr Emily Morse, founder and host of the Sex with Emily podcast, suggests her five favourite sex positions for when you do it rough, and believe us – your partner is going to love these.

1\ Seated Wheelbarrow


Despite the fact she’s pretty much upside down, the Seated Wheelbarrow gives the both of you full control over the speed and depth of penetration. She’s going to have to work harder than you will during this position, but who doesn’t like to get sweaty during sex? If you want to spice it up further, remove a hand and try spanking her.

How to do it: Get her to place her hands on the floor, then pull her waist up and get her to place her legs either side of your body.

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2\ The Hot Seat


It may look like you’re about to get tangled up, but The Hot Seat is one of the hottest, most-accessible positions out there – let us tell you why. While you’re able to wrap your arms around her and hold her tight, you’re also hands free to explore the rest of her body at the same time. (Think nipples, ass and hair pulling.)

How to do it: Sit on the edge of the bed having her facing away from you, then get her to slowly lower herself while guiding you inside of her.

3\ Doggy-Style


Does doggy-style really need an introduction? In fact, a recent survey from revealed that 35 per cent of straight people rate doggy-style the hottest sex position of them all. If you want to make the hottest sex position even hotter, throw in some spanking, hair pulling and even try having sex in front of the mirror: you’ll both have front row seats for the action.

How to do it: Get her on her hands and knees, kneel behind her, then slowly enter her while holding her hips.

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4\ Cowgirl


Cowgirl is the position where she has all the power, and you’ll love seeing her body in action while she takes control. While you can make it easier for the both of you by meeting her halfway by thrusting your hips upwards, this is a position where she won’t mind doing all the work to ensure the deepest possible penetration.

How to do it: Get her to straddle you with her legs on the bed. Enjoy.

5\ Reverse Cowgirl


Reverse cowgirl gives you the best of both worlds: the hotness of doggy with the dominance of her on top. Once again, she’ll be doing the work, but this means both your hands will be free to focus on other parts of her body or to penetrate her with more force.

How to do it: Lie on your back, get her to straddle you while she faces away from you.

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