5 Reasons to Buy the September Issue | Men's Health Magazine Australia

5 Reasons to Buy the September Issue | Men’s Health Magazine Australia


Former Boston hoodlum Mark Wahlberg is now a hotshot Hollywood actor and producer. Discover how he went from pin-up to power player and use his arm workout to build sleeve-busting biceps.


A life of excess doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket to rehab. Use the health tips of rock gods to live fast, die old and have an astonishingly well-preserved corpse. 


What do women want in the bedroom in 2016? We weren’t sure either. That’s why we enlisted adult film star Mandy May to give us a frank and fearless assessment of exactly what a sexually awakened woman demands and desires.


Suicide is Australia’s no.1 killer of young and middle-aged men, with 6 blokes a day taking their own lives. In our special report we look at the drivers of this devastating problem and how to recognise the symptoms of depression in yourself and your friends. This is a story all Aussie men need to read and more importantly, act upon.


With the Olympics upon us we sat down with Australia’s latest swimming sensation Cam McEvoy. The freestyle ace has a cerebral approach to his sport and a healthy perspective on where it sits in the grand scheme of things. Read his story for motivation that can help you lay down a path to your own personal podium. Plus get the workout that’ll allow you to carve a swimmer’s body.

By Mens Health Staff

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