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5 Super-Intense Core Workouts for Cheese-Grater Abs

This training session is perfect if you want to carve out your core and ab muscles in the least amount of time. At Hero, we incorporate calisthenics with yoga to get maximum results. By doing this workout three times a week you’ll see massive body transformations and strength gains.

 Hot tip: roll your wrists before you start.

1. Boat pose with a twist – 10 each side

Point toes, lift feet up, reach arms forward with fingertips together, feet remain lifted and rotate side to side.  

2. Switching mountain climbers – 45 seconds

Start in a high plank position and bring knees to opposing elbows, going at your own pace, grip the ground, tense your core.

3. Side plank reach throughs – 15 each side

Start in a low plank position on your elbows with your hips up, feet are stacked,  thread your hand under your side body and engage your obliques to hold the shape and develop that core strength.

4. V Tucks – 45 seconds

Begin with arms extended above your head whilst lying down, initiate the movement by contracting your abs first then pull your arms and shoulders off the ground, pull your knees into your chest then roll your spine down with control until you reach the starting position then repeat.

5. Hollow Body Rock – 45 seconds

Begin laying down on your back, lift your chin and your shoulders off the ground,

extend your legs and arms fully until you create a dish or U shape on the ground, ensure your hips are tucked underneath in a posterior tilt.

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