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5 Trends Shaping Men’s Style In 2018

The New Year is well and truly here, and with a new year comes new styles. Whilst there will always be ‘micro trends’, like socks and sandals (please avoid!!), there are the ‘stayers’ to keep an eye out for, trends with longevity that you’ll want to invest in.

Below are my Top 5 Trends to embrace this year, with ‘Prohibition Era’ becoming a resounding theme. If its too much to take all of these in at once, try taking on one or two of the new trends at a time to ease your way in. You can also temper a trend, for example; wide leg trousers can still be tapered and cropped to finish the same as your current look or comfortable style. 

Be brave and embrace these trends, they’re going to be big!


Red and yellow will be the pops of colour to brighten up next season, as we move towards autumn and winter. You’ll also see bold logos used in the same manner.


A modern take on the prohibition era will have us in fuller silhouettes and popping collars.


Prohibition era again influences this look, and will see fuller silhouettes when it comes to our shirts and jackets.


Cropped and wide is the latest look in hemline finishes. This will apply to chino and jeans. Already a huge hit in the Northern Hemisphere, this style will quickly head south as the trend takes hold.


Although not widely present in Australia just yet, this is a trend to look out for…winkle pickers are back.

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