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52 Sex Questions To Find Out Exactly What Your Partner Likes In Bed

As every therapist has said since the dawn of mankind, communication is key. So go on and ask your partner some sex questions to get to know them better. Don’t ask questions like “How many guys have you had sex with?” That in no way affects you and can make your partner feel self-conscious or slut-shamed. You want to ask questions that help you better understand your partner’s arousal patterns, kinky thoughts, and mindset before, during, and after sex.

Here’s a list of 52 sex questions to ask your partner to get to know what really turns them on in the bedroom.

(Note: Some of these questions are rather explicit. Be considerate when asking them. Don’t ever force of pressure your partner to respond to anything they don’t feel comfortable answering. Also, start with the tamer questions before asking the more graphic ones.)

1) Do you like kissing with a lot or little tongue?

2) Which parts of your body do you like to have kissed?

3) What’s your favourite part about having quickies?

4) How do you like your breasts and nipples played with?

5) Do you like being spanked?

6) Do you like spanking others?

7) Do you find yourself more dominant or submissive during sex?

8) Do you like role play?

9) Do you like calling guys “Daddy?”

10) What names do you like to be called during sex?

11) How much eye contact do you like to have during sex?

12) How long do you usually like to have sex for?

13) What’s something sexual you hesitated to try but ended up loving?

14) What’s something sexual you thought you’d love, but ending up not caring for?

15) What, if anything, do you like about having threesomes?

16) Do you like watching other people have sex?

17) Do you like being watched having sex?

18) What are your favourite sex positions?

19) What makes you orgasm the fastest?

20) Have you ever tried anal? Would you want to try?

21) Do you like anal play on a man?

22) Would you ever want to try pegging?

23) Do you like being choked during sex?

24) Do you like choking your partner during sex?

25) What type of porn turns you on?

26) Which are your favourite sex toys to masturbate with?

27) Which sex toys do you like to use during sex?

28) Do you like having sex in the shower?

29) How would you respond if a couple approached you to be their third?

30) How do you like to have your vagina stimulated manually?

31) Do you like giving blowjobs? What do you like about it?

32) What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

33) Would you want to have sex in public at a sex party?

34) What’s your go-to nude you send guys?

35) What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve sexted?

36) What’s an unconventional thing that turns you on?

37) Do you like incorporating food while having sex?

38) Have you ever had Facetime sex?

39) Do you usually like having rough or gentle sex?

40) Do you like doing 69?

41) Do you like sex with the lights on or off?

42) Do you like getting your hair pulled during sex?

43) Do you like getting erotic massages?

44) Do you like being tied up or tying up your partner?

45) Have you ever tried sensory deprivation using a blindfold or earplugs?

46) For how long do you like cuddling after sex?

47) Where do you like penis-owning partners to ejaculate?

48) Would you ever want to have a threesome with someone of the same gender?

49) Do you like wearing lingerie during sex?

50) Do you like it when men wear jockstraps?

51) What makes sex amazing for you?

52) How can I make your biggest sexual fantasy come true?

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health

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