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Want To Save The World? Fitness Could Be The Key

There are a lot of people out there in need of our help. Poverty, war, environmental destruction, there are so many causes worthy of our time and money. But where do you even begin when it comes to positively impacting the world around you? Well, your workout routine could be a great start.

We’re all busy, and the daunting task of saving the world does sound extremely time consuming. But what if your existing workout program, your training goals, or an overseas adventure could be harnessed to benefit others, improve you health, and open up a whole new world of travel.

High flying lawyer David Jones, a partner at international law firm Baker McKenzie, is living proof of this philosophy. Jones is an adventure sport aficionado, despite his lengthy hours driving the desk at the firm, and has found an effective way to commit his efforts to a greater cause, outside of himself.

His latest adventure, taking place this month, is an event call the Bali Hope Ultramarathon, partnering with the Classroom of Hope and Bali Children Foundation.

“15 of us will be running overnight, the 84km distance from the North Coast to the South Coast of Bali, to raise funds to put 100 Indonesian kids through primary school,” says Jones of his latest venture outside of law.

The 15 runners come from all around the world and very different backgrounds. With the goal of raising US$10,000 each, the crew will effectively allow an entire generation of kids their nominated village to get an education they otherwise would not have received. The potential for social change in the region is enourmous.

However Jones’ world saving ways won’t end with his trip to Bali.

In November he’ll be backing up to take part in The Captain’s Ride (run by cricket legend Steve Waugh) for the third time. The ride is a 6-day your across country Victoria, to raise money for research into rare children’s diseases.

Last year ride was filled with Aussie sporting legends, including Adam Goodes, Mark Webber, and Anna Meares. And this year Jones will be one of those elite.

The self confessed “family man, endurance athlete, and passionate fundraiser” credits his fitness to bootcamp-style training. As for his commitment to helping others, whilst internally fostered, that drive comes to him unexpectedly from his positive influence on those around him.

“I have been particularly surprised with the number of people who have contacted me to say this is the motivation they need to get out there and do something like this for themselves.”

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