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57% Of Women Feel Creeped Out In The Gym

While you’re too busy squatting your problems away or sweating out the weekend’s shenanigans, others are at the gym with far seedier intentions. 

According to research from Mindbody, 57 per cent of women have felt inappropriately looked at during their workout compared to just 38 per cent of men.

Meanwhile, more than a third of women (37 per cent) are more likely to receive an unwanted romantic approach – like being asked for a phone number – while a little over a quarter of men ( 27 per cent) copped similar treatment. 

The findings also suggest that women are naturally uncomfortable using the gym with the opposite sex: 49 per cent are overwhelmed when there’s a man in the same class while 46 per cent don’t like using the same equipment as the opposite sex. 

The wellness website also suggests changes gyms can make to create a far safer environment: seperate sections for sexes, same-sex instructors and gender-seperate classes. 

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“One of the developments that illustrates this best is the rise of female-only classes and we’ve seen an increase in these being added to gym and studio timetables,” says Heather Garrick, senior marketing manager for Mindbody.

Sure, you may meet the one at the gym, and yes, you already have something in common. But show a little more courtesy. If she has her headphones in, chances are she doesn’t want to be interrupted. 

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