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6 Reasons To Buy The December Issue

1. UFC muscle – Luke Rockhold and Robert Whittaker

With UFC Fight Night 101 heading to Melbourne, MH steps into the Octagon with two of the sport’s hottest properties. Headlining the main event is Aussie warrior Robert Whittaker who shares his know-how on how to carve cage-ready muscle. Meanwhile our cover guy and UFC middleweight contender Luke Rockhold explains how to forge a champion’s unbreakable mindset 

2. Sex Confessions of a Thousand Women

What happens when you ask 1000 Women’s Health their thoughts on sex? Well, if don’t get a thousands slaps to the face, you can get some pretty handy intel on what the fairer sex wants, needs and wishes you knew in the bedroom.

3. The Toughest Race In The World

Imagine running 4989 kilometres around one New York City block. The Self-Transcendence Race is the most physically demanding and unimaginably monotonous annual sporting event you’ve never heard of. MH travelled to New York to meet the unlikely athletes running 18 hours a day in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment

4. Healthy Body Healthy Mind

One in five of us will experience mental illness in any 12-month period. MH speaks to three high-profile depression survivors – NRL flyer Darius Boyd, former politican John Brogden and Choirboys’ singer Mark Gable. Discover how they’ve learned to cope with their troubles and use our manifesto to safeguard the mental health of yourself and those around you.

5. From Scrawny to Brawny

Want to stack on size and transform your body? A stick-thing MH staffer with arms like sticks of spaghetti proves how you can stack on 7kg of lean muscle in just 12 weeks.

6. Watch Special

Make the right choice for your left wrist with the help of our annual watch special that features the most exquisite timepieces on the market.

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