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This Is The Thing 60% of Men Wish Women Would Stop Doing in Bed

Woman who douse themselves in perfume: hot or not? According to extra-martial dating site Victoria Milan, it’s a strong ‘not’.

A survey of 5,807 cheating adults from 10 different countries found that 63 per cent of guys confessed that a sweet-smelling woman can be a turn-off.

In fact, most men admitted they’d prefer their lover to be themselves and rely on their natural scent which they found the sexiest.

However if women are to wear perfume, the results found men are extremely picky about which scents they do find sexy.

Floral scents came in at #1, while fruity finished a close second (32 per cent). Sporty finished at 22 per cent, with spicy fanning the flames of 15 per cent of men.

CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, also stated that a change in scent could indicate unfaithfulness.

“There’s no doubt that perfume is what initially attracts lovers to each other and now we’ve discovered that between the sheets, lovers want each other laid bare – completely natural.

“We don’t want to give away any secrets, but if your husband or wife either stops wearing perfume, or changes their ‘signature scent’ that’s a good indication someone’s told them they smell better without it.

“And that probably happened while they were having wild, passionate sex.”

Unsurprisingly, this sounds exactly like what a CEO of a company committed to infidelity would say.

But while smelling nice isn’t that important to men, the same can’t be said about women. 

A whopping 78 per cent of women said they’d much prefer to go home alone than sleep with a man who smells bad. 

Men? Well, we aren’t so picky, with 50 per cent saying they’d put up with a stench in the bedroom once they’ve locked down a lady. 

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