7 Style Tips For The Ultimate Gentleman | Men's Health Magazine Australia

7 Style Tips For The Ultimate Gentleman | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

There’s a time in every man’s life when he needs to step up his game.

While you may have been able to pull off the casual, laid-back look in your teens and early twenties, daggy hoodies and loosened ties are not what classy, mature women are looking for. 

The only thing you want to own that gives away your age is your driver’s license. Follow these tips to break the shackles and start showing off the older, wiser, sophisticated man you really are.

1\ Keep Your Beard Well Groomed 

You might’ve noticed an uprise in the number of unkept, hipster beards you’ve been seeing on the streets. But despite how ‘care-free’ and ‘rugged’ you think they are, it’s not what women want

To dress and look like a real gentlemen, it’s important all the cogs of the machine are working together. What’s the point of a dapper suit if you’re looking scruffy and unkept up top?

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It’ll leave you looking smooth, sexy and presentable.

2\ Buy a Suit That Fits

A suit should be the staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe – but this rule only applies if the suit you own actually fits. While a teenage boy wearing a suit that is a little too big for him is cute, the opposite applies to a fully-grown man trying to squeeze into a budget tux.

Instead, follow these 10 Rules to Look Good in a Suit.

3\ Upgrade Your T-Shirts

Those Simpsons tees you collected as a teenager sure are impressive – but they’re holding back your style. If you’re choosing your t-shirts based on your emotional connection to them, you’re doing it wrong.

While you don’t need to bin all your old tees (every guy needs shirts for a rainy day), make room in there for some solid, classy t-shirts in neutral colours like black, white, grey and olive. You’ll be able to find a pick for every outfit.

4\ Invest in a Great Pair of Jeans

Real gentlemen aren’t restricted only to suits. While all men love to dress for comfort every once in a while, you don’t need to sacrifice style to achieve this. 

Despite how strenuous and expensive it may be, investing in a great pair of jeans is worth every cent. But all jeans are not created equal. The three most important qualities to look out for when buying a pair of jeans are slim fit, dark wash and sturdy construction.

Tick those three boxes and you’ll be able to wear your jeans just about anywhere, with just about anything.

5\ Buy Shoes to Match Your Jeans

If there’s one shoe rule every guy needs to follow, it’s leave your athletic shoes for the gym. There’s nothing daggier than a guy wearing a great pair of jeans, but ruining them with a pair of white runners. Save that fashion for your old man.

Instead, invest in a pair of brown or black leather chukka boots. Not only are they comfortable as hell, they also pack style and help you stand out in a crowd.

6\ Pay Attention to the Detail

So you’ve shaved your beard and you’re in a fancy suit with a nice pair of shoes – now what? You want to keep yourself from looking exactly like every other guy wearing a suit.

How do you do that? By paying attention to the detail. Look at any guy with enviable style and you’ll realise what sets him apart from every other guy often comes down to the accessories. 

But not just any accessories. If a fedora and silver bracelet were the first things that came to mind, let us stop you in your tracks. Instead, hit the shops and invest in cufflinks, a tie bar, and a versatile white pocket square.

7\ Get a Damn Haircut

Getting a haircut that best suits you comes down to what type of hair you have (and how much you actually have). For guys with thinning hair and those going bald, these are your best options.

For men with a full head of hair, a recent survey of 500 women by Opinion Research Corporation found women are most attracted to classic cuts. Two thirds of women found the side part (think Leo DiCaprio) to be the best-looking style, while 28 per cent voted for the crew cut. 

If you’re looking for a new style, this is the haircut she’ll go crazy over.

This article is sponsored by Gillette ProShield.

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