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A Delicious Side To Your Burger That Is Healthier Than Fries

There’s a lot of bad news out there, especially when it comes to our health, so when we come across a good news story, we want to share it. This one is for the burger lovers out there.

Recent studies published in the Journal of Nutritional Metabolism highlights the importance of varied macronutrients in regulating blood sugar levels. Basically, eating a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fats will keep you full and deliver the right nutrients to your organs.

 Nutritionist Emily Field spoke to Business Insider backing the importance of considering balance when it comes to eating. “I want people to be able to approach any food, any situation, and know that they can still make a responsible choice for their body,” she said.

 Armed with this information, Field suggests that when eating fast food, instead of a side of fries, you would be better off ordering a second burger.

Her logic makes perfect sense when applied to the burger scenario, looking at the nutrients provided by both a burger and fries, and what they’ll do for your body.

When looking at a quality burger, you get a full spectrum of nutrients, from muscle building protein, carbohydrates for energy, and fats (both healthy and naughty). Opting for a second burger over fries will simply double your intake of this balance of vitamins, particularly protein, rather than overdosing on sodium and trans fats. In fact, fries will generally give you the same amount of calories as a second burger, without the nutrient density.

By keeping nutrients roughly even, you’ll have fewer cravings, less desire to binge, and more control when you do eat, Field told Business Insider.

Although not opting for a side is the ideal when it comes to protecting your health, we understand that sometimes a solo burger just doesn’t cut it. So next time you’re cruising the menu for the perfect companion to your main, consider doubling up.

After all, two is better than one!

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