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A Festival Dedicated To Schnitzels Is Coming To Aus

Yep it’s happening – The Bavarian Schnitty Fest is officially coming to locations in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and even the ACT this year.

The ten-week festival dedicated entirely to schnitzels kicked off on Monday the 29th of March at the German-inspired pub Bavarian , which is known for its imported beers, one-litre steins, and enormous crumbed dishes.

The festival will see customers treated to a menu of ten new schnitzel flavours and $10 deals every Wednesday.

‘Ten incredible flavours have been created for you to get stuck into over this 10 week blitz of schnitz,’ the restaurant writes.

‘We have flavours from the Mexican, loaded with corn chips, to the Hawaiian, decked out with freshly grilled pineapple, to an all time traditional favourite – the Oktoberfest!’
For vegans there is also a crumbed potato and mixed veggie schnitzel with green salad and fries on offer.

The new menu will include the following:

Mexican ($26)

Crumbed chicken breast, corn chips, spicy beef, beans, cheddar, tomato salsa, coriander, & sour cream

Hawaiian ($25)

Crumbed chicken breast, double smoked ham, grilled pineapple, napolitana sauce, & fries

Nashville ($26)

Southern fried chicken breast, Nashville rub, cabbage slaw, dill cucumber, potato gems, & chipotle aioli

Oktoberfest ($26)

Crumbed chicken breast, sautéed potatoes, wurstsalat, pickled cucumber, & mustard

The G&P ($24)

Crumbed chicken breast, garlic and parmesan rub, rocket & parmesan salad, semi-dried tomato, & fries

Jagerschnitzel ($23)

Crumbed chicken breast, mushroom sauce, & fries

Parma ($24)

Crumbed chicken breast, double smoked ham, mozzarella, Napolitano sauce, & fries

Schweineschnitzel ($26)

Pork schnitzel, cabbage slaw, lemon, & fries

Mushroom Parma ($24)

Crumbed confit mushroom, mozzarella, Napolitano sauce, cabbage slaw, & fries

Vegan ($26)

Potato and mixed veggie schnitzel, green salad, & fries

You can find your nearest locations here.

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