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Why A Man Put 15 Sewing Needles In His Penis

It was a fine line between pleasure and pain for a 35-year-old man from China, who was admitted into hospital after putting 15 needles in his penis for satisfaction.

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The patient went to the Shenyang Military Region General Hospital last week, after he experienced bleeding and intense pain from his downstairs region, although he didn’t initially feel any pain when he put them in a year ago.

Two urologists – Dr Long and Dr Cao – removed the 15 needles using a guide wire. The entire procedure took 1.5 hours to complete.

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“I am sweating and my hands are trembling when it’s over. This is not an easy one,” said Dr Cao.

The x-ray showed the needles located in the membranous urethra. See it here.

This isn’t a one-off type case. The Shenyang Military Region General Hospital has had patients admitted with thermometers, wire and oil pens lodged in orifices.

Dr Cao urged caution if you’re into this kind of thing – it can be dangerous.

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