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Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Dethroned As World’s Strongest Man

The Mountain is no longer the strongest man on the planet after being defeated at the 2019 World Strongest Man event by American Martins Licis.

Licis weighs in a whopping 50kg lighter than Game of Thrones star Hafthor Julius Bjornsson but managed to defeat the 200kg colossus at the event on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

Working against Bjornsson was the fact that he tore his plantar fascia in his foot on the opening day of the event – however the 6-foot-9 giant still dominated in the dead lift and overhead press events to make his way to the final.

However he wasn’t good enough to topple 150kg, 6-foot-2 Licis, who had never previously finished on the podium at the iconic competition.

icis sealed his victory by winning the ‘atlas stones lift’ event, the fifth event of the final.

Despite finishing in third position, The Mountain still put up some whopping lifts during the event, including seven deadlifts of a 375kg car.

Ahead of the event, Bjornsson was confident of backing up his victory in the 2018 World Strongest Man event in the Phillipines, especially considering he no longer had to spend time in shooting commitments with Game of Thrones.

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