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An ‘Exercise Pill’ Is On The Way, According To Scientists

A new style of training is on the horizon. You won’t sweat, won’t have to go to the gym, and it will be over in 5 seconds. That’s right, the day has finally come where scientists are close to releasing a new ‘exercise pill’.

But before you roll your eyes, the innovation is actually going to hold huge health benefits for thousands of people who can’t physically work out.

“People are designed to move. But if they can’t, it’s not healthy to be sedentary. That’s why we are developing this drug,” said Ronald Evans of the Salk Institute when talking to The Washington Post. Evans is a biologist and lead scientist behind the new development and trial of the new pill. He goes on to explain that this pill isn’t designed to replace exercise for the lazy, or to medically enhance athletes.

And whilst there is nothing stopping misuse of the drug in the athletic community, the potential benefits to millions of people worldwide far outweigh the concerns. The aim of the drug is to create a chemical reaction within those who are medically unable to exercise, enough to mimic the effects of exercise and prevent conditions such as muscle atrophy.

The drug is still very much in the trial phase, but if successful, the pill will be instrumental in helping those with muscular diseases such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease, or those living with paralysis.

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