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Ever Wondered Why Your Banana Has Those Annoying Strings?

Too green and you find yourself sinking your teeth into a brick. Too ripe, and the black zebra-like spots are enough to put you off food for the rest of the day.


But even when you get it right, there’s one issue that comes up more often than not – the irritating strings that detach themselves into a mess.


You might hate them but, believe it or not, they’re important.

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They’re called phloem bundles and they’re the tissues that carry the nutrients and minerals of the banana.

The strings, as it turns out, actually help our favourite fruit.

So is there a way to get rid of these dreaded drapes?

According to nutritional researcher Nicholas Gillitt, it is possible “but if phloem bundles are necessary for the adequate disposition of nutrients throughout the plant, and are not truly bothersome, what would be the driver?”

Good point. Looks like we’re stuck with the strings. Just suck it up and think about all that potassium you’re getting into your system.

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